About Me

I'm truly just another Brooklyn mom with a passion for all things natural. I am a Herbalist and Beauty Therapist but I truly get my knowledge and know how from my grandmother, she was a wiz and still is a wiz in the kitchen, but she challenged my sister and I. My grandmother told my sister and I that our hair would fall out after receiving a relaxer treatment as teenagers and to prove her wrong we took care of each others hair and scalp, our mission like so many others was to never undergo the press and curl again. 

My sister and I became hair stylist for each other and I researched the best of the best from oils, vitamins, herbs, treatments and products, we had a great system. After using products for many years, I decided to make my own, realizing there is great value in herbal medicine and holistic remedies which can fasten hair growth, tackle hair loss, and improve the overall quality of whole person health and wellness. I suffered from hair loss, hyperthyroidism and bald spots due to unnecessary stress and I have family and friends who have suffered from hair loss, thinning, bald spots, traction alopecia and overall no growth and just like myself searched for natural treatments to tackle hair loss. 

My mission for many years, has been to provide natural herbal remedies for better health and wellness from the inside out, as well as growth oils, serums and treatments for the family. If you are suffering from health issues try going back to nature. Some people dismiss the “nature and herbal or natural holistic remedies" and results may vary but I have seen first hand an improvement in many lives due to lifestyle change, eating habits or diet change with herbs and vitamins. 

I am not a doctor, however I am a Herbalist, Beauty Therapist and Health/Wellness Coach, if you allow me to customize a Whole Person Integrated Care Program just for you and teach you how to, you will see amazing results.

Keenya Land

Master Herbalist, Beauty Therapist, Health and Wellness Coach, Professional Doula & Owner

I am a mom just like you, who wants to make life easier for you. Servicing the health care industry for 24 years, from The Brooklyn Hospital Center, Maimonides Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to Belmont Village and Sunrise; I have enjoyed many years loving and supporting everyone I have come across with passion.  I have been a Master Herbalist, Health/Wellness Coach and Doula for over 24 years and a Beauty Therapist and CNA for 5 years and I love caring for people of all ages, keeping them fit and healthy

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