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My Monthly Blends


Our blends club membership provides everything your hair and skin needs to keep you glowing during the winter months. Here's what you can expect... Current month's feature blends, All Natural Hair Growth Elixir, Natural Powder Fresh Moisturizing Body Oil, Natural Mango Moisturizing Body Oil, Natural Wellness Body Oil, Natural Whipped Mango Skin Cream, personal thank you card and gift-quality packaging!



My DIY Blends


Our Do-It-Yourself blends offers a fun, project and is very popular with families and crafters. Includes a themed collection of blends, 3 quality bottles, blending & care instructions w/ letter about each blend, blend label, 2 organic food grade oils, blending tools (2 mixing bowls and 2 spoons), 2 essential oils and a organic whipped blended Shea Butter, personal thank you note and an attractive gift-quality packaging!