Whole Person Integrated Care

Whole person means your health and wellness are not limited to your physical health but on the well-being of you as the whole person. We now know that there are several areas that contribute to wellness for all of us, such as emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, and physical health.  This person-centered approach is also essential so that the care you are receiving fits with your day to day life, which makes it more likely to be successful. Another important feature of ‘whole person’ care is that it includes health and wellness promotion that builds each person’s resiliency, as well as prevention so that health concerns are identified and addressed early. 

Integrated Care means most of your health needs can be met at one location, during one appointment meeting each person's unique needs. I combine knowledge, experience, and passion to learn about each person's unique challenges and priorities and create tailored solutions; addressing the needs and preferences of each person is at the heart of what makes Herbalist Blends successful. In addition, I have treatments, programs and sessions in place to address the needs of each person.